Date: 7/26/2023

Meeting Attendance:

Name Title Attended
Chris Gill Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Washington University St. Louis X
David (DJ) James Tech Director for Software, DRS Land Systems
Andrew Job Founder and CEO, Plotlogic X
Adam Mitz OpenDDS Product Lead and Distinguished Engineer,   Object Computing
Matt Mueller Enterprise Operations Branch Head, United States Navy X
Marc Neeley VP of Architecture, Object Computing X
Jason Schindler 2GM Managing Director, Object Computing X
Johnny Willemsen CTO, Remedy IT X
Justin Wilson Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Jen Wiese OpenDDS Community Engagement Manager, Object Computing

The Meeting Was Led By: Justin Wilson


  • Current Release: OpenDDS 3.25
  • Next Release: OpenDDS 3.26
  • OMG Membership
  • Mailing List
  • Security Vulnerabilities

OpenDDS 3.25

  • Observer supports dispose and unregister.
  • -Gequality for generating == and != for structs and unions
  • Encoding and decoding functions for CDR and JSON exposed to Java
  • Improve cleanup related to RtpsRelay tracking of client IPs
  • ConfigStore applied to [common] and common elements of [transport]
  • CMake improvements and fixes
  • More docs included in DevGuide
  • Fix null pointer from RTPS Parameter with incorrect size
  • Fix deserializing bounded sequences with JSON

OpenDDS 3.26

  • Continue with building OpenDDS with CMake
  • Continue with ConfigStore
  • Given our current pace, this work will extend into OpenDDS 3.27

OMG Membership

  • UNITY/OpenDDS Foundation is in the process of joining the OMG
  • >Membership allows OpenDDS Foundation to interact with the OMG on behalf of the OpenDDS user community

Mailing List

  • The mailing lists hosted on SourceForge are not very active (~1 thread a month).
  • This discussion board on GitHub is more active (~1 thread a week).
  • >
  • Current plan is to close and archive the SourceForge mailing lists and redirect to GitHub discussions.
  • >Goal is to consolidate this information so users (and maintainers) don’t have to look in multiple places.

Security Vulnerabilities

  • We have enabled the security vulnerability reporting mechanism on the GitHub repository.
  • A user has reported a vulnerability which was fixed in 3.25.

Agenda for Next Meeting

  • Date: TBD in October 2023 (Morning)
  • Note: We are alternating mornings and afternoons (Central Time) to accommodate timezones for all TAB members
  • Topics: TBD