David (DJ) James

Tech Director for Software, DRS Land Systems

Andrew Job

Founder and CEO, Plotlogic

Adam Mitz

OpenDDS Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing

Matt Mueller

Enterprise Operations Branch Head, United States Navy

Marc Neeley

Director of Architecture, Object Computing

Jason Schindler

Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing

Johnny Willemsen

CTO, Remedy IT

Justin Wilson

Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing

Jen Wiese

Object Computing, OSS Community Engagement Manager,  Meeting Scribe

The Meeting Was Led By: Adam Mitz (AM)


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • A Brief History
  • Foundation Goals
  • Communication Channels
  • Review Roadmap
  • Logos On Web Properties
  • Open Discussion

Introduction and New Attendee (AM):

  • Jen Wiese (JW) - OSS Community Engagement Manager.  Evangelism for OpenDDS and other open source products at OCI.  Will present Foundation sponsorship information and take board meeting notes.
  • Went around the virtual room and learned how the TAB members are currently interacting with OpenDDS

Managing This Agenda (AM)

  • Plan to meet once per quarter
  • Communication Channels
  • Project mailing lists ( are in the process of being moved to

Review Roadmap OpenDDS v3.x (AM)

  • OpenDDS v3.x
  • Quarterly (at least) release cadence
  • Q4 2020 - 3.15
  • Q1 2021 - 3.16 (XTypes)
  • Q2 2021 - 3.17
  • Q3 2021 - 3.18 - planned for July
  • Changes needed for various projects
  • Performance / scalability improvements
  • GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration
  • Continued incremental addition of XTypes/IDL4 features

Review Roadmap OpenDDS v4.0 (AM)

  • Motivation
  • Make it easier to develop and maintain
  • Improve overall design focusing on testability
  • Breaking changes
  • Requiring more modern C++ version
  • Dropping support for older platforms
  • Removing some transport and discovery options
  • Strategy
  • Research spikes
  • New format for Developer's Guide

Logos On Web Properties (JW)

  • New OpenDDS Foundation Logo
  • Will see this on social media and as well as on publications and through event promotion as they will be brought to the OpenDDS community by the OpenDDS Foundation
  • Working on brand guidelines that will be published soon for the general public

Open Discussion / Qs and As (All)

  • Decide acceptance criteria for what goes into releases
  • Is Semantic versioning to be considered? Basically been doing that.
  • Suggestions for rewriting the Developer's Guide (Markdown/Pandoc, RestructuredText/Sphynx)
  • Scheduled next meeting for September
  • Discussed agenda items to be brought up for next meeting which includes roadmap prioritization
  • Meeting notes will soon be published
  • Thank you to everyone who attended