Name Title Attendance
Chris Gill Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Washington University St. Louis
David (DJ) James Tech Director for Software, DRS Land Systems
Andrew Job Founder and CEO, Plotlogic X
Adam Mitz OpenDDS Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Matt Mueller Enterprise Operations Branch Head, United States Navy
Marc Neeley Director of Architecture, Object Computing
Jason Schindler Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Johnny Willemsen CTO, Remedy IT
Justin Wilson Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Jen Wiese OpenDDS Community Engagement Manager, Object Computing; Meeting Scribe

The Meeting Was Led By Adam Mitz (AM)


  • Welcome
  • Updates Since Last Meeting
  • Case Study Presentation: Matt Mueller
  • Foundation Sponsorship
  • Roadmap and Prioritization
  • Open Discussion
  • Agenda for Next Meeting

Welcome (AM)

  • All members welcomed to the meeting

Updates Since Last Meeting (AM)

Case Study Presentation (Matthew Mueller)

  • Matthew Mueller, Simulation Division Head, NAVAIR, presented

Foundation Sponsorships (JW)

Roadmap and Prioritization (AM)

  • Goals for Version 4
    • Ease of use and familiarity for developers (both user and maintainer) new to the project
    • Major release is an opportunity to reset, rebase, reconsider:
      • Compilers/platforms/dependencies, buildsystem, documentation format
      • APIs and code generation strategies
      • Repository structure
      • Update to RTPS as default for discovery and transport
      • Removal of older, less-maintained, superseded features
  • Priorities and Tradeoffs
    • Required vs. optional features and dependencies (Security, JSON)
    • Single git repo or multiple repos (with submodules or scripts)
      • Java Bindings, Bench, Wireshark Dissector, Shapes Demo, Modeling SDK, FACE Transport Services
    • Migration path for users of 3.x
    • Let us know how you're configuring OpenDDS

Open Discussion (All)

  • Interest Cross Compilation - Raspberry Pi (IoT)
  • Configuration real time
  • Capture configurations that people are using

Agenda for Next Meeting (All)

  • Date: June 13, 2022 | afternoon
    • Want to start alternating mornings and afternoons to accommodate timezones for all TAB members
  • Topics
    • Case Study: Andrew Job, PlotLogic
    • Discovery Performance Comparison