Name Title Attendance
Chris Gill Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Washington University St. Louis X
David (DJ) James Tech Director for Software, DRS Land Systems
Andrew Job Founder and CEO, Plotlogic
Adam Mitz OpenDDS Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Matt Mueller Enterprise Operations Branch Head, United States Navy
Marc Neeley Director of Architecture, Object Computing X
Jason Schindler Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Johnny Willemsen CTO, Remedy IT X
Justin Wilson Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Jen Wiese OpenDDS Community Engagement Manager, Object Computing; Meeting Scribe
Tim Simpson (Guest) Principal Software Engineer, OpenDDS Core Team, Object Computing

The Meeting Was Led By Adam Mitz (AM)


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Updates Since Last Meeting
  • Case Study Presentation: Andrew Job
  • Foundation Sponsorship
  • Discovery Performance Comparison
  • Open Discussion
  • Agenda for Next Meeting

Welcome and Introductions (AM)

  • All members welcomed to the meeting

Updates Since Last Meeting (AM)

Case Study Presentation (Andrew Job)

  • Andrew Job, Founder and CEO, Plotlogic
  • They have a few applications currently using OpenDDS
  • These applications scan rocks in the mines. Data collected is used in coordination with other information collected in the mines to analyze and research sustainability impact and carbon footprint. Helps them to identify needs/risks and make recommendations
  • They chose OpenDDS because it has a high degree of reliability in addition to the fact that it has proven to be a “very scalable framework for them.” OpenDDS has allowed them to write lots of applications.

Foundation Sponsorships (JW)

Discovery Performance Comparison (AM)

  • Motivation
    • Track OpenDDS discovery performance
      • Already tracking for RTPS
    • Rough comparison between discovery mechanisms
      • RTPS Multicast, DCPSInfoRepo, RtpsRelay
    • Determine needed improvements for RtpsRelay to replace DCPSInfoRepo
  • Method
    • Expand OpenDDS Bench to allow running non-bench processes
      • Specifically, DCPSInfoRepo and RtpsRelay
    • Expand OpenDDS performance dashboard scenario coverage for DCPSInfoRepo and RtpsRelay
      • Each worker creates 2 DataReaders and 2 DataWriters, similar to existing RTPS scenarios
  • Results
  • Next Steps
    • Investigate / resolve scenario errors for DCPSInfoRepo and RtpsRelay
    • RtpsRelay performance improvements
    • Additional scenarios / topologies
    • Dashboard improvements to improve comparison between scenarios

Open Discussion (All)

Agenda for Next Meeting (All)

  • Date: September 19 | morning
    • We are alternating mornings and afternoons to accommodate timezones for all TAB members
  • Topics
    • Next Case Study Presentation: TBD
    • Website rebranding update