The OpenDDS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that exists to support and collectively lead the open source OpenDDS project.

The OpenDDS project is an open source and widely adopted standards-based real-time publish/subscribe solution for distributed systems developed and open sourced by Object Computing, Inc.

The OpenDDS Foundation serves to:

  • Ensure technical innovation and advancement of the OpenDDS project as a free and open public-use software development toolkit for a growing global community
  • Evangelize and promote OpenDDS technology as a leading implementation of the Object Management Group's Data Distribution Service (DDS)
  • Build and support an ecosystem of complementary documentation, functionality, and services

The OpenDDS Foundation
Technology Advisory Board

The OpenDDS Foundation is supported by a Technology Advisory Board that ensures the project continues to reflect and serve its diverse and growing user community. The Board meets quarterly to discuss and make recommendations regarding the OpenDDS project's roadmap and technical direction.

For more information and for organizations interested in nominating a representative to the OpenDDS Foundation Technology Advisory Board, please contact

Foundation TAB Minutes

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As a not-for-profit organization, the OpenDDS Foundation relies on the financial support of Contributing Members to support and grow the project.

The bylaws of the OpenDDS Foundation provide that Object Computing will maintain, in perpetuity, a majority interest in the Foundation to serve as a steward of the OpenDDS project and its global open source community. Object Computing has committed an initial contribution of $500,000 to fund open source product development and evangelism for the technology.

Businesses and community members are encouraged to actively participate in the project's success by becoming Contributing Members through one of our sponsorship programs. All current supporters are featured on our Sponsors List.

Corporate Sponsorship

The generous support of our Corporate Sponsors allows the OpenDDS Foundation to further the project's technical innovation and advancement.

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Community Member Sponsorship

Individuals may also support the OpenDDS Foundation through our Community Member Sponsorship program.

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The Foundation's Board Of Directors may be reached at

Technology Advisory Board

Chris Gill Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
David (DJ) James Tech Director for Software, DRS Land Systems
Andrew Job Founder and CEO, Plotlogic
Adam Mitz OpenDDS Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
Matt Mueller Enterprise Operations Branch Head, United States Navy
Marc Neeley Director of Architecture, Object Computing
Johnny Willemsen CTO, Remedy IT
Justin Wilson (TAB Chair) Principal Software Engineer, Unity Foundation

Board of Directors

Gina M. Bremehr
Steve Totten
Adam Mitz
Gary E. True
Ebrahim Moshiri