OpenDDS is an open source C++ implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). Java applications can use OpenDDS through JNI bindings. OpenDDS was developed and open sourced by OCI. We welcome community contributions to the project. Commercial support is also available; see the support page for more information.

Current Release: OpenDDS 3.10

Release notes for Version 3.10 of OpenDDS

  • Added support for versioned namespaces
  • Reworked TypeSupport implementation in order to reduce exposure of internal headers to user code
  • Added read/take_instance_w_condition (not in DDS spec)
  • Time Based Filter QoS: fixed GitHub issue #268, samples can now be held and delivered after the timeout
  • C++11 updates to the ishapes example: make use of C++11 shared_ptr and to_string instead of using boost
  • When C++11 is enabled, use noexcept(false) where necessary
  • Extended TypeSupport to allow unregistering of types from a domain participant (not in DDS spec)
  • RtpsDiscovery: allow config to specify which interface’s MAC addr is used in GUIDs
  • Wireshark dissector updates: support for more IDL constructs in data sample dissection
  • Liveliness QoS: fixed incorrect “liveliness lost” for automatic liveliness with sporadic writers
  • Fixed RTPS ParticipantMessageData entityIds used by automatic and by-participant liveliness
  • Fixed make install problem when DESTDIR is specified
  • Allow fallback to next transport implementation when active side fails to connect using the first one
  • Updated TypeSupport::get_type_name() to match the DDS spec
Stability Improvements:
  • Fixed many issues included in recent Coverity Scan defect reports
  • Fixed a few reference counting issues in internal classes
  • This is the final version we will test with TAO 2.0a, please upgrade to a newer TAO (see

Using the GitHub “releases” page

Download (Windows) or OpenDDS-3.10.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX) instead of using the GitHub-generated “source code” links.

Download (Windows)

Download OpenDDS-3.10.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX)

Previous Releases:

The NEWS file contains release notes for all previous releases.