OpenDDS is an open source C++ implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). Java applications can use OpenDDS through JNI bindings. OpenDDS was developed and open sourced by OCI. We welcome community contributions to the project. Commercial support is also available; see the support page for more information.

Current Release: OpenDDS 3.11

Release notes for Version 3.11 of OpenDDS

  • Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Content-filter expressions can now use 64-bit integer literals
  • tcp transport has a new wait_for_acknowledgements implementation
  • DataWriter’s HISTORY QoS processing now allows replacing old samples with new ones without blocking
  • Improved robustness of DEADLINE QoS processing
  • Uses of content-filter expressions are now checked for the correct number of parameters
  • Fixed versioned namespace support
  • Improved support for IPv6
  • Improved robustness of rtps_udp transport, especially when used with static discovery
  • Use of the constant PARTICIPANT_QOS_DEFAULT no longer initializes the domain participant factory
  • Bug fixes in the OpenDDS Wireshark dissector (for sample dissection)
  • The QoS XML Handler library is now decoupled from DDS4CCM, it requires xerces

Using the GitHub “releases” page

Download (Windows) or OpenDDS-3.11.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX) instead of using the GitHub-generated “source code” links.

Download (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX)

Download default.OpenDDS-Release.OpenDDS-3.11.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX)

Previous Releases:

The NEWS file contains release notes for all previous releases.