OpenDDS is an open source C++ implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). Java applications can use OpenDDS through JNI bindings. OpenDDS is supported by OCI and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

Current Release: OpenDDS 3.8

Release notes for Version 3.8 of OpenDDS

  • Improved support for Safety Profile
  • OpenDDS multicast transport (reliable mode) now guarantees in-order delivery
  • Added a “default address” configuration parameter that sets an overall default for binding to a specific network interface
  • Fixed bugs in transport framework, udp transport, InfoRepo discovery, static discovery, and the Liveliness and Durability QoS policies

Using the GitHub “releases” page

Download (Windows) or OpenDDS-3.8.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX) instead of using the GitHub-generated “source code” links.

Download (Windows)

Download OpenDDS-3.8.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX)

Previous Releases:

The NEWS file contains release notes for all previous releases.